Advice for young people

Everyone feels scared, worried or sad sometimes. You might have heard a lot of people at school or at home talking about the Coronavirus, and you might be worried about how it could affect you.

It's important to try not to worry about everything you read, and very important to only access trusthworthy sources of information. There are good, main sources of information about the virus itself in the NHS and the government, and there are a lot of news sources who will responsibly talk about what's happening and how it affects us. For example CBBC Newsround and First News.

If there's an adult you trust, you can ask them to explain some of the things you've heard.

Working alongside Barnado's I would like to be offer help and support for all the young people in my constituency. 

As your local MP it is my job to represent all of my constituents and make sure they have all the help and information they need. Whether that be a question about school, exams, or just someone to talk to.

If you have any questions for me, or would just like to talk to somebody please click here


Further contacts

Do you feel anxious, scared or sad? The Calm Zone is the perfect place for you. 

For more information on coronavirus, please visit here

Want to talk to someone of a similar age, going through the same worries? Then please click here