Burslem Town Survey

I know that local people care deeply about their community and want to see it flourish. Having spoken to many of you in person, email or letter, I know there are some key areas where you want to see improvements.

One of the priorities that keeps coming up is Burslem town centre, which needs a refresh.

To help bring life back to Burslem, I want to hear what your thoughts are. As a local resident ultimately you will have the best ideas for what your area really needs. I very much hope you and your family will share those views with me.

Please take a few moments to fill in my 60 second survey.

Burslem Town Survey

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Do you visit Burslem?
If so, what facilities do you use?
If you come to Burslem, what mode of transport would you use?
To spend more time in Burslem, I would want more: (Tick your top three)
On a scale of 0-10, how important is a regenerated town centre for you?
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From the list below, select the top THREE projects you would like to see in Burslem: (Tick your top three)