Crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour

Working with local community groups and the Police to crack down on anti-social behaviour, and campaign to open a Police post in Tunstall.

Crime and ASB Survey

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Have you experienced or witnessed any crime or anti-social behaviour?
Have you encountered any of the following crimes or anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood in the last few months? Please tick as many boxes as you want.
How satisfied are you with the visibility of your local police?
What measures would you like to see to prevent burglaries and other crimes on residential streets?
Would you be interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch group?
Do you think that extra CCTV will help tackle anti-social behaviour in your area?
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Newcastle Borough Policing Chief

It was a pleasure to meet with the new Policing Commander of Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Policing Team, Phil Duffy. He oversees Kidsgrove and Talke.