Illegal Encampments Survey

People across Stoke-on-Trent North, Kidsgrove and Talke, are sick and tired of their lives being made a misery whilst people pitch up, destroy the local area and it takes a long time for court action to be taken.

The Government will be bringing in new laws to make this a criminal offence. This will mean a £2500 fine, 3 months in prison and the crushing of vehicles. 

I am backing the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill to make this new law a reality. You can read more about this before completing the survey, here:… 

You can also Back the Bill here:

Illegal Encampments Survey

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Do you agree with the Government's plan to criminalise trespass and strengthen laws around unauthorised encampments?
Have you been directly affected by an unauthorised encampment?
Would you support a local permanent and/or transit site for gypsies and travellers?
Would you support a negotiated stopping site?
If a site was brought forward for planning permission, would you participate in the consultation?
During the recent Illegal Encampment issues, how would you rate the performance of local authorities in responding to this issue?