More money for CCTV

I am proud of the £100,000 investment into the pump track, £225,000 for the 3G astro at The King's School, £125,000 to upgrade Clough Hall Park and £2.75 million which will see Kidsgrove Sports Centre refurbished and reopened from the Kidsgrove Town Deal. 

Investing in our parks and leisure facilities is long overdue and important to helping give people, young and old, access and opportunity to live healthier and more active lives.

Now is the time to continue investing in our parks. That is why I am calling on Kidsgrove Town Council to invest some of their near £400,000 in permanent CCTV at Newchapel Rec to help tackle anti-social behaviour. 

Kidsgrove Town Council have previously backed my plan, which had the overwhelming support of local people and Staffordshire Police for new and improved CCTV, investing £15,000 in some new permanent and deployable cameras which are monitored 24/7. 

If you agree please sign my petition below. 

Kidsgrove CCTV

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