TV Licence Survey 2022

Many constituents have spoken to me about the TV Licence fee, and the strong views that some of you hold. 

The Government recently announced that the Licence fee is to be frozen at £159 for the next two years, and that a serious conversation is going to be had about the BBC's funding moving forwards. 

As we face the challenge of increases to the cost of living, the freezing of the fee is welcome as one of the measures the government is taking to support people across the country. 

I have my own views that the fee should be scrapped, but I want to know your opinions so I can feed your views into government and the national debate about the future of the TV licence. 

Please take a few moments to fill in this quick survey. 

TV Licence Fee Survey 2022

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1. Do you have a TV licence?
2. How often do you read, watch or listen to BBC news programmes?
3. Do you think the TV Licence fee is good value for money?
4. Do you think the BBC is impartial in its reporting?
5. Do you think you should be able to watch Freeview and other services (e.g. Sky and Virgin Media) without having to buy a TV Licence?
6. Should the TV Licence be scrapped and replaced with a subscription based model?
7. If the TV Licence Fee was abolished, how likely would you be to subscribe to BBC services?
8. In order to make this survey representative, how did you vote in the 2019 General Election?
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