Anti-Social Behaviour Survey for Kidsgrove and Talke

Over the coming weeks residents in Kidsgrove and Talke will receive Jonathan's anti social behaviour (ASB) survey. 

Crime and ASB have a huge impact on our communities. Jonathan knows it is vital that residents feel safe and secure in their neighbourhood. Jonathan has been working with our local police nd community to ensure ASB is brought under control. 

The survey asks many questions including:

  1. if people would be interested in joining the ‘Friends of Clough Hall Park’ which I am hoping to bring back?
  2. Would people support my plan to have the CCTV upgraded in Kidsgrove?

All letters will include a free of charge envelope so people can send their views and opinions back to Jonathan. 

All the results will be compiled and used to help the local police in setting policing priorities and work with Kidsgrove Town Council and Newcastle Borough Council to help implement strategies.

Jonathan Gullis

Jonathan Gullis