Brexit Update

Here's a word you probably haven't heard for a while - Brexit!

As you know, we left the EU in January and we're now in the transition period which ends in December.

It's still the Government's intention to negotiate a trade deal with the EU by the end of the year. The Government has ruled out extending the transition period. With the deadline fast approaching, negotiations are still ongoing, virtually, between the UK & the EU.

As you can imagine, there are roadblocks in the way of progress being made in these negotiations. The third round of talks ended last Friday but significant differences of principle remain.

The Government has published 13 documents setting out the UK's approach to our future relationship with the EU. You can read them here:

However, as we seek a relationship based on friendly cooperation between sovereign equals, the EU's proposals would bind this country to EU law or standards which is unacceptable to the UK.

In response to the EU's position, the UK's Chief Brexit Negotiator, David Frost, has written a pretty punchy letter to Michel Barnier. You can read it below.


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