We finished off our final #ToryCanvass session today before polling day.

I have loved every minute of this campaign and meeting all the different people, businesses and local community/voluntary groups across Stoke-on-Trent North, Kidsgrove and Talke.

I am passionate about our area and believe we have so much to offer the UK and the world. This city was the beating heart of the industrial revolution. Now I want to it to be the heart of the tech revolution with Silicon Stoke.

I want to see more school places and wider parental choice. I want to see a thriving High Street in Burslem and Tunstall. I want to see new jobs created and brought into our area. I want to see more money for our hospitals -‘d schools. I want to see a large chunk of the 20,000 new police officers in Stoke-on-Trent and Kidsgrove. I want to see the democratic mandate of the 72% who voted to leave the EU respected.

Let’s make this happen. Vote Conservatives on Thursday 12th December 2019.