Jonathan organises local police meeting

Having written previously to Matthew Ellis (Staffordshire Police Crime Commissioner) and Gareth Morgan (Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police), Jonathan was grateful to receive a reply from Chief Constable Clair Langley of Newcastle Local Policing Team Commander. 

Jonathan Gullis

Jonathan Gullis

Jonathan was delighted to agree with Chief Inspector Clair Langley and PC Thomas Davies to hold a public meeting for all residents of Kidsgrove and Talke to voice their concerns over recent news reports of anti social behaviour.

Jonathan Gullis

Issues were raised on a wide variety of topics. One being young people illegally using mini motorbikes that are disturbing local sports groups and endanger the community. Chief Inspector Langley said there is a new strategy being looked into using technology that can help identify the offenders. 

The concerns over 101 reporting via phone was raised by Jonathan, due to the long waiting times for the calls to be answered. This therefore posed a risk of disengaging the community from reporting crime which Chief Inspector Langley agreed with.  

The officers who attended the meeting urged the community to report all incidents of anti social behaviour or crime. Any videos or photos should be submitted by residents in order to help identify offenders and log activity.

Commenting, Jonathan said:

“I want to thank all the hardworking officers of Staffordshire Police for all they do. Tonight's public meeting was constructive to hear from local community representatives and Kidsgrove & Talke Residents who raised their concerns over recent anti social behaviour issues."

"Chief Inspector Clair Langley and local PC Thomas Davies urged the community to report all incidents of anti social behaviour using the new 101 online system or through the 101 or 999, in emergency situations, via phone."

"It was good to hear positivity from the local police about Boris Johnson’s announcement of 20,000 more police officers on the streets. This will go a long way to helping tackle any issues with crime and anti social behaviour.”