Kidsgrove CCTV

I am delighted to read the comments from Kidsgrove Town Council and Newcastle Borough Council over their commitment to upgrading the CCTV in Kidsgrove.

Thank you to all those who filled in my survey and helped me apply pressure. Over 95 per cent of residents supported my plan to upgrade the CCTV. Last month I wrote to the Town Council and reiterated the importance of delivering on this pledge.

It is important the cameras are installed in order to make people feel safe but importantly to catch those few who ruin the reputation of our amazing town.

Kidsgrove Town Council town council has committed funding in its 2020/21 budget to begin upgrading the outdated CCTV in Kidsgrove town centre and is exploring options such as redeployable cameras to target anti-social behaviour hotspots. I now hope Newcastle Borough Council will part fund this also when they budget in the coming weeks.