Update- 10th May 2020

On Sunday 10th May at 7pm the Prime Minister addressed the nation, in which he laid out the plans to bring the UK out of lockdown, as long a serious of critieria were met.

We cannot rush our exit strategy from this lethal virus, but he has set out some key parts of the roadmap.

As Boris said, all of this is conditional upon progress, as we have to keep the R rate below 1, meaning the number of new cases is falling.

A full 50 page document is being published tomorrow with the details of what this means for our daily lives. 

 1. People who cannot work from home are now actively encouraged to return to work, especially in construction and manufacturing

2.  When travelling, if possible try to avoid public transport and go by car, bike or foot

3. From Wednesday, we can exercise outside as much as we like - in household groups

4. Fishing, golf, tennis, outdoor water sports are all permitted from Wednesday

5. By June, primary schools and shops may start reopening

6. By July, cafes/restaurants may start reopening

7. Passengers arriving into the UK will be quarantined. As the number of cases in circulation come down, the need to prevent new cases being imported is becoming more important.