Stop Housing People at the Sneyd Arms in Tunstall

It is understood that a number of homeless individuals who are under the care of the City Council are being housed at the Sneyd Arms in Tunstall.

Sitting on Tunstall Square, opposite Tunstall Market and the newly refurbished Tunstall Town Hall, the Sneyd Arms is in the most central of locations within the town centre.

A Freedom of Information request has been submitted to the Council to understand how many individuals they are housing at this location, and from what date.

There has been a recent crime spate on the high street and in the town centre with businesses broken into and shop fronts vandalised, which appears to have coincided with the placement of these individuals.

If we want to ensure that our streets in Tunstall are safe for shoppers and businesses, then such a facility cannot exist in the heart of its town centre.

Sign the petition by visiting the Council's website here.