Success - 3G Astro Installed at Kings School, Kidsgrove

Jonathan worked with the King's School in Kidsgrove to secure money from the Kidsgrove Town Deal advance payment for the new 3G astroturf at the school. 

As part of the Government’s advanced Town Deal payment of £750,000, Jonathan collaborated with Ms Vero (head at the King's School) to gain support from the Kidsgrove Town Deal Board and Government, to secure £225,000 for this project

These brand new facilities will also include brand new outdoor tennis/netball courts to support the expansion of the PE curriculum.

The 3G turf is FIFA standard and all of these facilities will also be available for use by the wider community during the evenings and weekends!

The ‘Sports Village’ theme, with Kidsgrove Sports Centre newly refurbished and reopened next door, is bringing much needed facilities to the Kidsgrove and Talke community. 

If you are interested in hiring the facilities, you can find out more here

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Jonathan at 3G astro