Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council Local Plan Survey

Constituents across Kidsgrove, Talke and Newchapel have been in contact with me regarding Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council’s first draft of their local plan.

As your Member of Parliament, I am keen to hear your views about the local plan and understand any concerns from local residents, which I will feed into the Borough Council directly.

So please take a few moments to complete my below survey and let me know your opinions.

For a map of proposed development sites, please visit the Borough Council's website here


NULBC Local Plan Survey

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With the first part of Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council’s local plan consultation over, how well do you feel you have been consulted on the draft proposals?
Which option best describes your view about Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council's proposed Local Plan?
Will the current proposals in Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough's Local Plan have a direct impact on you, i.e. you live near a proposed development site?
If yes, which site(s) do you live close by to? Tick all that apply. If you are unsure of the locations of the sites, you there is a link to a map at the start of the page.
Which option best describes your view about proposed sites that you have ticked above?
If 7,160 more houses were built around Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough, what would be your main concerns? (tick up to 3 boxes)
I believe there should be tight design rules in the Local Plan so that any new housing is high quality and fits in with the local area. Do you:
Questions 0 - No improvement needed 1 2 3 4 5 - Significant improvement needed