Kidsgrove Town Deal Board

Another great Town Deal board meeting as we step closer to submitting our bid for the up to £25 million we in Kidsgrove and Talke will benefit from.

Having put forward proposals with Cllr Gill Burnett and Cllr Simon Tagg, it was an honour to have the Board approve they spending of the additional £750,000 from the advanced payment projects.

I said I wanted money spent on our local parks and made the case which is why I am delighted we will see boost to local facilities.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and I will be writing to the Department of Housing, Community and Local Government pitching for the following:

- KIDSGROVE SPORTS CENTRE - £300,000 to start preliminary works

- THE KING’S CE SCHOOL - £225,000 for a 3G sports pitch

- CLOUGH HALL PARK - £125,000 for an upgrade to the park facilities

- CHINKY PARK - £100,000 for a Pump Park/Track