Public Transport

It was great to meet the Minister of State for Transport, Chris Heaton-Harris, earlier this week.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to bid for opportunities to improve and restore our local rail links.

It’s time we are bold and ambitious with ideas such as:

🚆 Reopen the Chatterley for Tunstall Station - a station that used to exist on the old ‘Loop Line’. This could see Chatterley Valley and Tunstall benefit being being added to the Crewe-Derby line.

🚆 Reopen the Churnet Line (Stoke-Leek line) - this would reverse one of the Beeching cuts, reduce congestion on our roads and better connect North Staffordshire. Possibly even go beyond Leek all the way to Alton Towers, bringing huge economic benefits.

🚆 Reopen Milton Station - if we can bring back the Churnet Line then we can argue for the reopening Milton Station, better connecting our city.

Ideas like this can build upon HS2 and I hope a successful Transforming Cities Bid, which upgrades Longport Station, making public transport more accessible and desirable for all.